Na’vi speakers

Within the field of linguistic anthropology, few studies have focused on the speakers of created languages. In particular, the identities of speakers of media-driven created languages such as Klingon, created by Mark Okrand in 1984 for the Star Trek movies and television series, and Na’vi, created by Paul Frommer in 2009 for the movie Avatar, have not often been considered within our discipline. One reason behind this may be the popular impression, intensified by the media, that speakers of these languages are obsessed fans or fanatics. This project uses data from a survey to be conducted in June and July of 2011 in order to determine who is learning to speak Na’vi, why they are learning Na’vi and how the language is developing over time.


Report on Na’vi Research © Christine Schreyer (October 2011)

Speaking of Identity: The role of speaking and writing amongst speakers of Na’vi (November 2012)